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Diflucan (Fluconazole)
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Product description: Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections. Diflucan is an azole antifungal. It kills sensitive fungi by interfering with the formation of the fungal cell membrane.
Active Ingredient:fluconazole
Diflucan as known as:Aflumicot,Afumix,Afungil,Albesin,Alfa flucon,Alozof,Anfasil,Azol-flucon,Batacan,Baten,Béagyne,Biskarz,Burnax,Byfluc,Candidin,Candilin,Candimicol,Candinil,Candipar,Candivast,Candizol,Canesoral,Canifug fluco,Canoral,Cantinia,Ciplaflucon,Citiges,Cofkol,Con-ac,Conaz,Cryptal,Dalrich,Damicol,Dermyc,Diflazole,Diflazon,Diflu,Diflucozan,Difluzol,Difluzole,Difusel,Dikonazol,Dizole,Dizolo,Dofil,Duracan,Efac,Elazor,Exomax,Falipan,Farviron,Farzul,Felsol,Femixol,Figalol,Flanos,Flavona,Fluc,Fluc-hexal,Flucalit,Flucan,Flucand,Flucanid,Flucanol,Flucard,Flucazol,Flucazole,Flucess,Flucobeta,Flucoder,Flucoderm,Flucodrug,Flucofast,Flucofin,Flucohexal,Flucokem,Flucol,Flucolich,Flucomed,Flucon,Flucon-ac,Fluconal,Fluconamerck,Fluconapen,Fluconarl,Fluconax,Fluconazol,Fluconazolum,Fluconazon,Fluconer,Fluconovag,Flucoral,Flucoran,Flucoric,Flucosan,Flucosandoz,Flucosept,Flucostan,Flucostat,Flucovein,Flucovim,Flucox,Flucoxan,Flucoxin,Flucozal,Flucozol,Flucozole,Fludara,Fludex,Fludim,Fludis,Fludocel,Fluene,Flugal,Fluka,Flukas,Flukatril,Flukonazol,Flumicon,Flumicotic,Flumil,Flumos,Flumycon,Flumycozal,Flunac,Flunal,Flunazol,Flunazul,Flunizol,Flunol,Fluores,Flurabin,Flurit-d,Flurit-g,Flusenil,Flutec,Fluval,Fluvin,Fluxes,Fluzol,Fluzole,Fluzomic,Fluzone,Forcan,Fugin,Fulkazil,Fultanzol,Fumay,Funadel,Funcan,Funex,Funga,Fungan,Fungata,Fungicon,Fungimed,Fungo,Fungocina,Fungolon,Fungomax,Fungostat,Fungototal,Fungram,Fungus,Fungustatin,Fungusteril,Funizol,Funzela,Funzol,Funzole,Furuzonar,Fuxilidin,Fuzol,Galfin,Govazol,Gynosant,Hadlinol,Honguil,Hurunal,Ibarin,Iluca,Kandizol,Kifluzol,Kinazole,Klaider,Klonazol,Lavisa,Lefunzol,Leucodar,Logican,Loitin,Lucan-r,Lucon,Lumen,Medoflucan,Medoflucon,Micoflu,Micoflux,Micofull,Micolis,Microvaccin,Mycazole,Mycoder,Mycoflucan,Mycomax,Mycorest,Mycosyst,Mycotix,Mykohexal,Neofomiral,Nicoazolin,Nifurtox,Nispore,Nobzol,Nofluzone,Nor-fluozol,Novacan,Novoflon,Nurasel,Omastin,Opumyk,Oxifungol,Ozole,Plusgin,Ponaris,Proseda,Rarpefluc,Rifagen,Sacona,Sisfluzol,Stabilanol,Stalene,Sunvecon,Syscan,Ticamet,Tierlite,Tracofung,Trican,Triconal,Triflucan,Trizol,Unasem,Uzol,Varmec,Zemyc,Zenafluk,Zicinol,Zidonil,Zilrin,Zobru,Zolax,Zoldicam,Zolen,Zoloder,Zolstan,Zoltec,Zucon
Dosages available:200mg, 150mg, 50mg

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